9/14/2017 – Looks like Steve Crane and Eric Ritchie are back!

Steve Crane and Eric Ritchie were back at the property on 9/14/2017 and were accompanied by King & MacGregor Environmental, Inc., representative Matt Stone-Palmquist out of Canton, MI.  Steve Crane had indicated recently he was too busy to deal with this property.  That was just last week.

The website reveals the following: “Our extensive knowledge of the regulatory process and our effective communication style results in a high success rate of permit issuance.”

Steve Crane, Eric Ritchie and Matt Stone-Palmquist were all contacted for comment but no response has been received at this time.

The website can be accessed here: http://www.king-macgregor.com/

Matt’s contact info:

Email: mmacgregor@king-macgregor.com

Cell: (734) 645-0830

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