8/3/2017 – Emmet County Meeting

The Emmet County Planning Commission Meeting was this last Thursday and the Emmet County building was packed with the public.  The majority of the public spoke up against this special use permit all citing serious consequences from the proposed Elmers project.  The board agreed to postpone the vote pending legal counsel advice.  We are still waiting for the minutes to be posted to the board website:



1 thought on “8/3/2017 – Emmet County Meeting

  1. Margaret Hull Reply

    I live on Vis a Vis, off Bellmer. There are already trucks coming up and down our road from the gravel pit on Bellmer. We certainly don’t want more. With the added concerns with water and health safety and housing values and animal habitat (we have a few deer herds in those woods), it just doesn’t make any sense. We bought that home because it was out of town and on a quiet subdivision. We are dealing with increasing raod noise as it is. Please do not vote for this variance.

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