8/14/2017 – ECRC Unofficial Motions

Update from Petoskey Gravel Pit and Team Elmer’s and or Elmer’s Crane and Dozer proposed gravel pit.

Motion moved by Zulski that Brian Gutowski sends a letter to Tammy Doernenburg at Emmet County Planning and Zoning, Bear Creek Township and Elmer’s Crane and Dozer, Inc. clarifying the following:

  • Site distance requirements fo the ECRC for a commercial driveway permit would be met if Elmer’s applies for one.
  • There has been a misunderstanding regarding the email sent to Steve Crane of Elmer’s. ECRC has not officially endorsed approval for Elmer’s Pit but does acknowledge there is a need for gravel.
  • If permit is given, the exit from Elmer’s Pit on Pickerel Lake Road is to use Bellmer Road to Graham Road.
  • ECRC would work with others in regards to wetland mitigation in an attempt to find an alternative route through Fochtman Industrial Park drive.

A FOIA request has been submitted for the complete audio.

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