8/22/2017 – ECRC Meeting Update

Update from Petoskey Gravel Pit and Team Elmer’s and or Elmer’s Crane and Dozer proposed gravel pit.

Reminder: The Emmet County Road Commission will meet this Thursday 8/24/2017 at 8:00 AM.  The meeting is at 2265 E. Hathaway Rd in Harbor Springs.

The Emmet County Road Commission draft minutes are now posted. 

DRAFT ECRC Minutes for 10 August 2017

In addition, the motion to clarify the misunderstanding has been released as well.

Gutowski Letter to Emmet County Planning and Zoning

We are currently reviewing the documents and the information coming in from local residents to provide a better analysis. 

When we review point 2 of the motion we heard the following at the meeting:

  • Clarify there is a misunderstanding of the email, that the Emmet County road commission in no way endorses the proposal of Elmers other than stating that there is a lack of proper grade of gravel in our area. And so, there is no official endorsement to that.

Does this letter mention there is a “misunderstanding” of the email?  Does the motion say that the board will not take formal action in support or opposition of the gravel pit?  This motion was given to us having been dictated from the audio received from the netting.

  • The letter states the following: “If the gravel pit is approved and the entrance is on Pickerel Lake Road, the recommended route is Pickerel Lake Road east to Bellmer Road, then north to Graham Road, then west to U.S. 31.  If a project is south of the gravel pit, the recommended route is Fletcher Road to Mitchell Road.  We do not support using Kolinske Road, Country Club Road or Alcan Road. 

There was no mention of this in the motion.  Throughout the meeting the following was stated by Zulski: “We don’t want them on the locals”.  Brian was also heard saying the following: ““Mr. Crane indicated to me that their main route to get to anywhere in Bear Creek, is going to be Pickerel Lake Road to Bellmer back to the highway.  Nothing about going up Fletcher road.”  Since when did Fletcher become a primary road?  If Steve mentioned to Brian nothing about going up Fletcher, why all of a sudden is the ECRC going to suggest the local road Fletcher?




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